A trick of Old ones.

My Mother


My mother has a friend,
My mother love her friend.
My mother sell foodstuffs,
My mother wrought inverse stuff.

One day her friend came to buy,
And my mother refused the money. Why?
'It's good to be good' they say.
And by that I learnt the say.

Another day her friend came:
Mother not at home,she called my name.
Then I sold her what she intend,
And refused to allow the money spend.

And when my mother was back,
The tale of the day, I made her ear hark.
'Mum,your friend came and I collected no money'.
Then she exchanged her smilling.

'Whenever I'm not at home,let her pay',
Thus my mother did say.
Hurt deep I beseeched my heart,
Not to wail over that.

Another day she came to buy,
And to my mother's speech I complied.
And when my mother returned,
She told her in turn.

And then My mother called at me:
Her voice raising like mystic waves of the sea.
'Haven't I warned you not to collect from her a dime?'.
But she'd lied.


Though,the poem is not really about my biological mother but some women. These
women gives instructions to their children and hold them by it.
According to the poem,the mother instructed the boy to collect money for any good her friend buys but when the boy did
so,the mother condemned him before her friend. The mother tries to present her self
right before her friend,but have forgotten that friend will go but ones offspring shall remain.

It's a moral. If you want to do good,be fair to both side. Stop being an hypocrite. Stop
doing for show off.

Poetry by Ajoshberry
Read 130 times
Written on 2018-03-29 at 14:02

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Maam Ashe, thanks alot... But your page opens not why?

Ashe The PoetBay support member heart!
This kind of thing can really hurt children: the inconsistency in a mother's instructions, resulting in keeping the child guessing and always feeling bad. Not all mothers are like this, but this is well described. Very well done, Ajoshberry.