The Poet talks about the storehouse Of YHWH(the Almighty one). He sees how all the works of nature are arranged-the sun, moon, lines on the cloud and host of others. But the poet is not happy at the end of all, because he can't see the rem

The Store House Of YHWH

Photobomb of scary makes-
Sculped in fear,glazed with terror. Breaks
Of Interval merging with unseen forces
Drawing the blur makes of stanced pauses.

Wind hanged on the highest bar,
Thunder was in the drawer carved.
Lightening resting on the utmost shoe-rack,
Possing its head towards the slacks.

Rain was set intervals from the moving fire.
The moon opposite the grey cloud.
Resting on the stars were the beautous symmetery of desire,
All resting on one another's like daffodils' crowd.

That was not all:
But The keeper of the storehouse Is too Tall.

Sonnet by Ajoshberry
Read 147 times
Written on 2018-03-31 at 22:09

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