Palm Sunday by Ann Wood

This is the Sunday before Easter Sunday in Bulgaria all people who have names after the flowers, celebrate theirs name day. In my country we have tradition to have name day not just birthday. All saints names from the bible during the year have day which everyone who have that name have name day. On Thursday or Saturday before Easter Sunday we colouring boiling eggs in different colours, but first one must be in red for good health in the house. We also make Easter bread which is sweet bread and in different types. On Good Friday we don't do anything just resting. Sunday morning we have Easter eggs fight to see who is the strongest person in the family and have Easter breakfast. Hope you enjoy my story and poem about Palm Sunday, and Happy Easter everyone. In Bulgaria Easter is this Sunday coming, for me this year is twice Easter :)

Dear Bulgarian friends, with beautiful colorful names, let's celebrate today's celebration!
I wish you to be healthy and blessed and to enjoy life as flowers and trees aspire to the sun and light - always smiling, always fresh and every one of its horrifying and glamorous!
Have a merry and happy day full of positive surprises!
I hope you did not miss a man in the long list, if so, please forgive me!

Palm Sunday
The grasses are reborn at dawn.
Eyes rise, heavy from the dew.
Ring the world, bell quiet,
and the early birds sing for their souls.
The forest denies sleep,
meadows are bathed in the light
and still remain silent
in the infinite eye of the blue.
The river is curved like a cross,
they worship the blissful willows
and go with God again on the way
to the Kingdom in the hangings.

Poetry by antoniya katelieva-wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-04-03 at 15:57

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