Poet's Note:
The seller as portrayed by the poet happens to be a man of patience (who knows if he's
drafting someone ill to do against the buyer) .
It has happened that, the seller had hardly made sale that day when a man dressed cooperat

The Chin-Chin Seller

His voice was bore by the
The gentle breeze's rythm:
'Buy your Chin-Chin here',
His voice tuned like the radio's ear.

Perhaps he'd made sale,
None could discern by his face,
Glazed with weariness-
Sculpt in sweat. But with relentlessness.

Then Sooner, a man approached him-
Dread lock, Boxy suit and contrast collar on him.
The elated seller, spoke to his patronizer:
'Welcome sir, it's just fifty naira.'

And then the man collected one,
Looked at him, like on sanity worn,
Lossed to folly and ill acts. Then
He broke, one, two, three- less regarding the mouth-agape men.

The battered seller just looked on,
Hand-folded: People urging him to have the man torn.
But rather he feasted his eyes on him,
As he continued till he looked at him.

Then after ten chin-chin broken:
For each are tied in a nylon thin.
As if bewitched he'd stopped his folly,
And abruptly halt the movie.

The curious crowd grazing their eyes on him:
Next line of action they would love to see.
And then the man brought out and to the hand-folded seller gave 100 dols.
That's what patience does.
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Poetry by Ajoshberry
Read 149 times
Written on 2018-04-09 at 23:32

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