Zen moments came to me whilst sitting in the park on a blanket in meditation. I was thankful that I had my pen and paper with me and that this was born, whilst sitting there.

Zen moments.

Zen Moments,

Written by Louise Oaktree.

I ride on a wave of silence. From my head to my heart, from my heart to my soul, from my soul to my spirit. I ride this wave and listen to the wave moving back and forth within me, outside of me, all around me, expanding into the universe with the radiant light of sun, moon, and stars everywhere. I ride a wave of silence. from head to heart, from the heart to soul, from soul to the spirit and let it gently guide me inwards. The warmth of the light inside of me sparkles and glows. A warm sense of peace, compassion, love, harmony, empathy, a kindness of all sorts comes in and out the body and touches the spirit within deeply. A profound love of unity, of togetherness, fills my heart center, where the love for this world, with everything in it is situated. I see birds up in the sky, fishes in the sea, animals of the land, plants and flowers growing. And in the midst of it al I see this immense tree as the point of my attraction. Grounded with its roots in the ground, with its crown in the air. Making the connection between Mother Earth and Father Sun. Making the connection between planets within the universe. Where there is dark and light in balance, coming and going and giving and taking in balance. Where the I am, will be at peace, within the unity and the flow of energy. I ride on this wave of energy flowing and feel my sacred center open and expand to every living thing. Within me and around me. In every corner of the universe, amongst constellation the I am wonders and flies, higher and higher on this wave of peace, faith, love, light, hope and the combined energy flow. A deep feeling of satisfaction comes over me as the wonderful rays of peace, calm me down and settle my heart to the pound of my heartbeat. And I sit at the energy flows, listening to the waves coming in and out, in and out, breathing in deeply all that I am, breathing out deeply all that I am not. Centered, loved, enlightened. With the combined energy flow I feel as one, one of all. May all be blessed with love in the heart and light to walk by. Love Louise Oaktree.

Short story by Louise 55
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Written on 2018-04-11 at 16:32

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