Shit happens.

Big Dick Nick


Her eyes sting from the light on her computer screen, held up to her face like fine print, she wants to cackle like the ladies on the screen

This one, "is it ever TOO big," she watches on repeat, a five minute clip of girlish smirks and elbow nudges, delighting in naughtiness, she instead is drawn to the host on the left, wholesome and coy, who buries her face in her arms and snorts

Big. Dick. Nick. Snort.

She rewinds the video, dragging the mouse back again and then again

Big. Dick. Nick. Snort.

Nick. Snort.

Her dog growls, either eager for new content or darkness,  but still she tries to emulate it

Snirting and snarting, she tries to think about the last time she was happy enough to bury her head and snort, was it hard enough for milk to burn her nostrils, did she choke from forgetting to breathe

Three a.m., her eyes sting in the dark, she realizes she watches videos of other people laughing like overwhelmed high school students watch videos on derivatives, she has to take notes and study, she has to never hurt anyone ever again, she has to be alone

She makes a schedule, it reads as though she's her own tired roommate

Laundry on Tuesdays and Saturdays
Vacuum on Sundays
Meal prep on Fridays

She's a sitcom dad and a toddler and a robot, model number smeared and manual worn into dry rot

Still, she imagines what it would say, her questions are indexed by mood that day, and with a hacking cough, she says it aloud, her question amounts to how much flogging she is bound:

"If you set a fire, how much gasoline do you pour on yourself before you're allowed back in church, or does Big Dick Nick climb out from the dirt?"

She hears herself let out a snort
For she feels what she swears is the poke of a pitchfork

There are some fires that never go out, she lies awake knowing she' set them about, and she's horrifically sorry, but no one is here to care, and that's for the best, it's only what's fair

Rhyming soothes her into sleep, she dreams of apologies she doesn't deserve to keep

But when she awakes, she looks down, and it's not fairytale shit, jagged glass protrudes from her chest, and she grabs a nail kit, files it down,  she thinks it's better now, and she grabs him, he's standing beside her, she pulls him in close, and fucking whoops, she impales his throat

Bless him, the trooper, he wipes off his shirt and pulls her in close, they collapse in a blanket of glass, a picnic, romantic, they cuddle in close

But she squirms away, then crawls on both knees, because she loves him too much to keep making them bleed

Just take some time, little ones, laughed Big Dick Nick, before you both make yourself sick

Little fire starters, it'll be okay, we're two sorry creatures, just finding our way

Let the fire go out as she studies videos late each night, tugging at the spear that's lodged in her so tight

And get some rest, soldier, you put up a hell of a fight

Poetry by MsImaginary The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 70 times
Written on 2018-04-19 at 02:58

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one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
i love the treasures you've buried within, so much fun to read, and reread. better each time.

bookmarked for posterity.