the moon is


find an excuse   a cup   (in which)

to borrow sugar

an invitation to an opening   something


to get me in your door   or  

if not that

to your door   you may hear me knock once


no nerve for more   and if   

and if

is the question that waits to be answered


and if you are in   and if you take me in 

well then

then we can see   but first i must hear   


once more   your song

something about the moon   for the nerve




have a fantasy   lying on your bed


through the open window


you looking at me


where to begin    which is the best part   


for you   i have a different idea


to you recite    swaying   


as you do   to the rhythm

of your words

mesmerized by your cadence


the soft insistence of your voice

rising to the denouement




so it is   having steeled myself 

with radka

one knock echoing  


find my moonlit

way home

along a shore


of gently lapping waves   their rhythm

like yours   

quiet   steady 


hinting of a great underlying power

of which

i will never know   nursing images


into words   and words

to images   and yes   she is a harsh mistress




air so soft tonight   soft as cashmere

and still   

so still   but for lapping waves   


and a voice    my voice   speaking to you   


thoughts reaching out 


come hither   


i came to you   

now you come to me


there are no doors upon which

to knock

only the soft air of this lovely night


i will wait by the water   if you hear me   





i dreamed this   this night


to be happening 


as i dreamed it   i dreamed

a kiss

soft lips  yours touching mine   soft as this air   


took my hand   you

took my hand

pressed it against your breast


now   i wait   


for the dream to become reality


but it was only a dream   dreams don't come true   

you know nothing of this   




stars come falling   


points of light   


touch the sea   o velvet night sky

fall on me 



fall on me   love   cool sand bare


lapping waves


good night love   good night


good night half moon   good night you


no you   not tonight

not ever




Poetry by one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 241 times
Written on 2018-05-09 at 15:34

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Ashe The PoetBay support member heart!
I know I've enjoyed reading this poem over and over again for the softness of the words and for the tentative love and the strong wishing for it. So full of feeling and wanting. And then there is the moon, the sand, the ocean. Absolutely beautiful!