As we were burying the dead - some not for the first time!
Shells 'ad doog some back up!
G'd, the stench! Still, we should of by now got used to that!
Some how you never kind of do! Not recommended - on a full belly!
Let me tell yer!
Now a skinful of army rum, 'elp some!

I saw a young lad, I say, young, WE WERE ALL bleeding - young, when we got 'ere!
Any way, the lad were looking like, thoughtful.
I went up to him, like. I said: '' You all right chum? '' ; '' What you looking at? ''
I ask, like.
He, took a breath, ; '' I'm looking, chum '' ; '' At them bodys! ''

'' Their all dead, some got no arms, no legs, overs - their some aint got no bleeding heads!'' ; '' no legs no bleeding, arms no legs, just torsos! '' ; Says the lad.
'' I know that! '' ; says I , a bit angry ; '' steady on lad! '' ; again says I.
'' Rats, running out, with bits of body's in their teeth! '' ; '' kind of confirms that, lad '' ; '' Just not right! '' ; Says the young lad. '' Thats war that is! '' ; '' Better get used to it! '' ; '' Your see a lot of that, before the wars ended! '' ; says I.
Now lets get 'em in the 'oles, before we get the shits! Shit our self's to death! '' ;
Says I! '' And join them in a joining 'oles!

'I were looking for the glory, they back home told me about. I'd find out hear ' said the lad. ''; '' Cant see, no glory - there! ''.
'Well, lad, thats the only glory, them -you - and me - are going to find out 'ere! , and no mistake! ''.
Them - 'oles, glory holes, fore the dead 'earos! ''

Now lets get all the's 'earos, in to their glory, 'oles, breakfast, be getting, cold! ''

ken d williams

The Dyslexic Wordsmith

Poetry by ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-05-24 at 00:42

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