Did ya miss me?


14 days before he'd leave for the States
The fear set in: this was happening, and happening
Soon he'd be gone to a place, a state,
A country that he'd never been to, and college
Was now a reality, not a dream, not a movie
With some white dudes, drunk, chasing girls,
And would he too do the same? He thought

Things would be different but they're still the same
15 days after he's come to the states
The town he lives in is too far to visit,
And he thought New York, but got Saginaw,
Michigan, and he felt like a hick
For thinking all US NYC
As the 16 year old in him believed,
Hoped even, listening to Lou Reed,
Reading Arthur Rimbaud who at 17
Had left home for a literary legacy
Had written great poems and burnt half of them
And he would join him too or so he thought
When he applied to American universities
Because Nepal was not the place to be
For An orchid among weeds
And having faced disappointment cause none of them
The great American universities
Accepted him because a dream can't pay
Thousands in tuition fees nor could his parents
Do so, so at 18 he'd cede
For a third rate college at Michigan to find
The town too far to visit and all his fears
From a few weeks ago futile at best
Because he was stuck in his room with nothing to do

Poetry by Sameen
Read 92 times
Written on 2018-05-25 at 06:55

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Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
I've been in your place more than once (look up Washington State University and Kenyon College). It doesn't get easier. Good poem.

Ashe The PoetBay support member heart!
When reality meets the dream. I also moved to the US with dreams that were quickly crushed in a land so big and so diverse.
Make the best of it and eventually, a mediocre University can be changed for one of the greats. Still, disappointment follows until grad school. Don't give up. That's where you find the great ones. They are there, hidden among the many.