The end has come for me today

so I must say good-bye

It may be hard to understand

but I trust that you will try

My heart's so filled with emptiness

controlled by misery

I've finally seen that what I am

was never meant to be

The tears I've cried so recently

are for pain nobody knows

I just can't take it anymore

it's time for me to go

Is life suppose to be this way

with thoughts of suicide

Or has my life become a loss

with no one to confide

Does anybody understand

the pain that fills my heart

Or understand that all of this

is tearing me apart

Concealment isn't optional

for no one seems to care

I hide within my shattered thoughts

while drowning in despair

My heart has grown so heavy

and still I don't know why

The end has come for me today

and I must say good-bye

Poetry by Pure Evil
Read 120 times
Written on 2018-05-30 at 19:12

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