Now I have not been posting in a few days!
Me Desktop pooter - the frigging rooter -' rooted '!
That's me mate, Keith, word for it!
Stuffed up right up! As is me, laptop - stuffed an nall!
Now I've started - may as well lance the boil!
I did try at poetry evening - open mic - at the Venally Caf'e
Hummbis and Antonis place!
I had in mind - skyping the monthly event
An open mic evening - at Humbis!
To friends in Florida - U S A!

Arrived - plenty of time - so I thought!
Now would me laptop - respond! As like - heck - it would!
Not bleeding likely!

Try as I could - me laptop stubbornly - refused to do as requested!
As me Ozzy mate Keith would - say - ' strewth! ' -
And some - other more rather expressive words!
Said - Ypsilanti - muttering - oaths!

Me friend could see I were having big problems - stepped in to help me!
She's from Florida - no relation to those I had in mind to see and hear
An honorary - Brit! - is me freieind at the poetry evening!
In offering help! - that readily - I accepted!
Only to find me 'kin - mouse were not playing the game!
Try as I might - laptop refused to recognize - the bleeding mouse!
Both wifi mouse and laptop - now just not playing the game!
Added to all of that - distractions - others needing - to talk!
I am a bloke - who can not remotely multitask!

So I decided - giving in to the last and final option remaining
Were to - quit - my attempt - to Skype - poetry evening!

The poetry evening - were just amazing!
As fore my friend in FL - my friend had forgotten all about it!

Both now unstuffed up - both doing well - as am I!


*A British expression

ken d williams

The Dyslexic Wordsmith

Poetry by ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-06-03 at 16:39

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John holliday
ha ha Ken best thing I have read for a long totally summed up up computers, they are great and do anything ......until you need them and then they take over and do what they want lol, brilliant read Ken really loved it the computer I usually use for Poet Bay has given up hence my I know this one works Ill make up for lost time....this a perfect poem to illustrate the problems modernpoets face, lol

Happy to see you're posting again, this made me smile all the way tnrough, can't trust them pesky PCs to perform all of the time!