Second Draft.

For Justin Vernon

repitition the key to music
to return and not necessarily home
although to be home is to return
might be two blocks from a busy street
look, the yellow light still standing
look, back down
a line from The Garden of Prosperine
you will have to walk to the sea
your blind body remembers
the curved trail the beyond the skin of another
beyond the reach of a hand
there are things you haven't seen
or touched-touchin-beingtouchededed-
to know how you feel and how to
that is not how it feels
i find i lose i find again
music i said
losing is forever
in June i hope to find what i didn't lose
so if i see someone in you
i see you in someone too
ask for the truth
whose end left you here ask only one thing
did you ever trust someone with a song
so now you know

Poetry by Praveen Bhusal
Read 44 times
Written on 2018-06-05 at 20:47

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