True Lies II

I remember it all so clearly now,
The words he spoke to me
They all came from this bird I saw,
Sitting high up in that tree

At first I thought I'd lost my mind,
Just listening to this bird
But not too long into his tale,
I hung on every word

The tale that he relayed to me,
Was filled with drugs and crime
And ended with a friend of his,
In prison doing time

It started in a park he said,
Just a couple of years ago
He never named the park he meant,
But said that I would know

His friend was walking down this path,
When he came across this man
Who sat beneath a big shade tree,
With a cigarette in his hand

He asked the man for a cigarette,
Then he smoked it then and there
He said the only reason that he did,
Cause a pigeon double dared

From that day on he couldn't stop,
He was smoking more and more
And to get his fix for nicotine,
He started robbing liquor stores

The police already knew his name,
By the time he was finally stopped
And they sentenced him to life without,
Inside a local mall's pet shop

I'm sure this tale seems out of place,
Or to you may seem a joke
But its as real as anything could be,
To the friend of which he spoke

That friend has thrown away his life,
I'm sure he must regret
All because he took a dare,
To smoke one cigarette

Poetry by Pure Evil
Read 115 times
Written on 2018-06-06 at 21:28

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Ashe The PoetBay support member heart!
The title of this poem is very clever because there are two ways that this title can be deciphered. I believe I know and understand the story and I am so sorry that because of a dare, the bird's friend threw away his life. This is a very tragic story told in a very clever way. Excellent poem.