Feeling the unity with nature.

I am ocean.

I am an ocean.

Written by Louise Oaktree.

I am Ocean. I am water. In me I feel the Dolphins with their high frequency sounds. In me I hear the whales talk to each other. On my ground, the algae live. On my sandy ground the shells, oysters and starfish live. The coral in all its colours and frilly forms. Schools of fish swim in me. All is serene under the water surface. I throw my waves on the shore. Again and again, my water touches the sand. Again and again. More and more. Water flow, from rivers, water flow from rain, water flow from stormy weather. All water as one. On my surface a seagull swims in search of some tiny fish to eat. On my surface the water creatures roam. Pelicans swim gently upon me. A sea eagle flies high above me searching for prey. All one, all unity. All flow of energy. The sun comes up behind my horizon, and goes down at my horizon. In the silence of my waves I feel the energy within me and around me. Higher and higher is the sound of my waves as a storm approaches. I feel the foam on my surface, become more and more. By the water that in waves goes up and crashes down. And so I go with the flow of the water. Day in day out. I am ocean and I take care of the animals of the water and the sky and the land. By producing fish. Yes, I am an ocean full of movement. An ocean full of love. An ocean full of life. An ocean full of dreams. May you be blessed within the love of heart and may you walk within the light of soul and spirit. Have a blessed day Louise Oaktree.

Short story by Louise 55
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Written on 2018-06-11 at 10:10

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Ashe The PoetBay support member heart!
The beloved ocean full of mysteries and beauty is described with love. It is after all the biggest part of our Earth.