The Truth

We all have our problems
it's part of the game
But in all of our search
for fortune and fame

Things aren't exactly
what we thought they would be
So we're welcomed to the cold world
of reality

We live our lives
the best way that we can
But sometimes it's hard
and we don't understand

That we are all different
no one is alike
And nobody's wrong
but then no one is right

It all just depends
on the life that you live
And everyone's judged
by the help that they give

Some people won't give
and they really can't see
That their life is so empty
of what it could be

I give what I can
I know it ain't much
But each person I meet
I hope their life I touch

I want to be known
when my time is through
That I did what I could
for the people I knew

Poetry by Pure Evil
Read 111 times
Written on 2018-06-12 at 21:38

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