DC Does You Dirty

Pop in a mouthguard and before I blink,
She's squatting, bent forward, helmet knocking
Into my ribs, falling, huffing, she holds out her hand,
She says, "full contact sport" and I laugh
"Welcome, Rollergirl" and I tell her I go by
"Jenny from the Block" and we high five
Derby does you dirty

I meet up to dance bachata
With a cute girl who works in government
She holds me close and tells me I'm pretty
While we twirl in an old row house
Full of queer women
She kisses my cheek and walks me home
I don't invite her up
Dancing does you dirty

I hear about a website to get weed
Delivered to your door
I place my order online
Like I'm ordering a pizza
I pick the special; it's on sale
I sit with my friend, we video chat
A Japanese pop star and I roll
The shittiest joint we've ever seen
It catches fire and burns her eyebrow
We fucking laugh and laugh
Doobie does you dirty

I meet a guy, he says
I'm so smart and pretty
And I make him nervous
I say I'm unavailable,
Waiting to grow old with a guy who left me
Ages ago, he says he understands and we can
Be platonic friends, with sexual tension
He says he'll hold me while we watch tv
We like the same tv
He hates immigrants
Dating does you dirty

I call the artist who works
On my half sleeve, she has
So many ideas and I stare
At her portfolio on the metro
Riding to the last stop,
Nauseous from spin class
Still so tired from radiation
But ready to look punk rock
I pass out outside the fucking parlor
Determination does you dirty

I arrive and she's in tears
Her boyfriend left her
He says maybe he will come back
I say that sounds familiar, don't hold
Your breath, though
She says she has a garden and I can come by
Any time, to get my hands dirty
And I do, she's got a little girl
I tell her I almost had a family but
Then I didn't, that he didn't want to try again
And she asks me if I know how to French braid
Suddenly I'm sitting on the floor
Her, me, her daughter in a train
Braiding each other's hair
I came for a tattoo
Went with a lesson
Distraction does you dirty

My hands shake
I pop my head out again
The bar is full
My uke is choked in my grip
People clap before I've opened my mouth
I sing songs about people I used to love
They eat that shit up
I get numbers from strangers
That I toss in the trash as I leave
I realize how much differently
I am treated since I got skinny
Daring does you dirty

Two shots from the bar down the road
And I play from my stool
My friends dare me to serenade
A guy in the corner and
I do, he says he plays the violin
And his boyfriend plays bass
We say we'll start a band
The same night he calls,
Right after my mom
Messaged me to say
The cancer is worse
A few months, most likely
Can I make it
Decision does you dirty

I stay late at work,
Headphone's in, peaceful
Cranking out assignments
So quickly they can't keep me busy enough
We want you to stay, they say
I think about staying
They show me my offer package
Eyes are bulging, wondering what
Would ever make me leave
Just one thing, if I had the chance
One thing long gone
I look out the window
At the food trucks
Women doing yoga in the park
The band outside the metro
Suits power walking between cars
DC does you dirty

Poetry by MsImaginary
Read 58 times
Written on 2018-06-21 at 17:30

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Thomas DeFreitas The PoetBay support member heart!
I like this. Vivid. Powerful.

one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
I love the language, rhythm, form, most of all content.

Ashe The PoetBay support member heart!
This is brilliant!