Last Call

Panicked, insistent noises
Repeating as I slip out of dress clothes,
Tripping on my sweats as I reach for the phone

"Call me, call me"

Trembling, I dial
Ringing, ringing
The voice of the weary
Greets me and I slump
Into the couch, a pale lump

Deteriorating, she says
Complications, not eating
Defeated, I shake off the feeling
That my moving was a grave mistake
That my grandmother might die sooner
From loneliness-- the heartache

I'll get the job for August
I'll be home, I swear
I'll stay in Florida as long as she's there
And I'll take her to Chic-fil-A
So she can eat nuggets everyday
I'll watch her favorite novellas
And show her new games we can play

But it isn't enough, it's not fair at all
She says she wanted to see me marry
And graduate in the Fall

"This is my last birthday, ask me for advice."
I say, "Granny, what do you want me to do with my life?"

She clears her throat and I close my eyes
As she tells me not to beg for love from a guy
I'm silent but still she persists, saying, baby, "promise me this:

When someone walks away,
They make a choice not to stay
And so you better not try
To keep them at bay

If they love you, they will come back on their own
And whether you forgive them is something only you can know

But don't you dare, child, chase or fret
Leaving you will be their biggest regret."

She assures me it will be her regret too
Not getting to see the woman I'll grow into

And it is mine, I mutter through tears
That she was alone in her last years

She says she isn't upset
And I shouldn't worry
For she didn't live her life in a hurry

She chose what was important
And who treated her best
And with that, she ended,
"Fuck all the rest."

Poetry by MsImaginary
Read 45 times
Written on 2018-06-26 at 04:24

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Oh my, this is the best advice. Absolutely. Nothing good ever gets away. wow! Wishing your granny well!

Ashe The PoetBay support member heart!
Very good advice from a life well lived. I like your granny and you should remember her advice. Very well written poem.