Day three of our holiday by Ann Wood

It is day three of our holiday 29 of June 2018, it is early morning I am still in bed and listen the rain outside. The house is full with life already and they getting ready for work and my Mom and nephew going to visit Bansko for the weekend. They all gone and I get up and to bathroom to washing my clothes and get ready for the day.
I make few phone calls, then me and my sister in law go out for walk and do some shopping and to change money in the bank. Then we go to hair dresser and both have hair cut. Then we go back home because it was cold and start again raining.
At home we put our shopping away and make some lunch when my step niece come to visit us. We was have lunch together and some chat then she left to meet her friend. I clean the table and did the washing up. After that we have movie afternoon and girly chat. At six o'clock my brother come back from work and we get ready for our supper. After supper we clean the table and I wash the dishes. Then we have more movies to watching on the TV. We also get ready for our trip to Bansko in next morning. After the movie finished I get a shower and get ready for bed. In bed I get my favorite news paper and start to read it. It is quite night and a bit chilly for this time of the year. I am feeling bit better today but still have headache. It is getting late and I have to go to sleep, because we have early morning to get the bus to Bansko. I feel tired and sleepy at the moment and will say you good night sweet dreams sleep well all. Talk to you tomorrow with more story bye for now. Love you all.

Short story by antoniya katelieva-wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-06-29 at 22:02

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