Day four of our holiday, today will visit Bansko by Ann Wood

Day four of our holiday, today will visit Bansko, it is 30th of June 2018. It is six o'clock I am still in bed and still not fully awake. At 0710am I finally get up and get ready for our trip to Bansko. Eight o'clock we left the house and go to the bus station to get the bus at 0830hrs to Bansko. It was nice journey just over two hours. When we get there we get taxi to the hotel and go to have our room check and after that we go to the garden to get some breakfast. At one o'clock we have lunch and then some rest. Then we go for short walk and back to the hotel to watching some movies. At five o'clock we go for walk to the city center where was have folklore festival and carnival. It was very interesting and full with life and people. Everyone was singing and dancing and it was have BBQ party too. At seven o'clock we get taxi back to the hotel and have dinner on the balcony and have chat with the family. At nine o'clock I go to my room to watching TV and have rest, it was long day for me.
Bansko is so beautiful place and I love to come here,the hotel we use is very nice and with the best food I ever eat out of my home. The owners are very nice and friendly people my age and we become true friends.
If you want to visit Bansko one day you should come and stay in hotel Grami street Vasil Drumev 6 city of Bansko 2770. It is late now and I will go to bed. Have a nice evening and weekend. Good night sweet dreams sleep well all. See you soon.

Short story by antoniya katelieva-wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-06-30 at 20:58

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