I sit across from her. Her hair is shorter now, shaved on the sides. She wears a loose-fitting button down, covered in zoo animals and palm leaves.

My phone buzzes.

She sips from my glass and coughs. Slides it back across the table. "No, I want something fruity."

I gesture at myself and then pick up the tiny pipe sat between us. Big inhale. Two little ones.

My phone buzzes again.

"That your date?"

"I hesitate to call it that," I answer.

"What does that mean? What's he saying?"

"He wants me to peg him."

Her eyes widen and I smirk into my drink.

We are sat under a canopy by the pool. My DS hums a familiar tune, filling the silence.

"Are you going to do it? Tell me you're doing it. Do it for all of us."

I hold my arms out and twist slowly from side to side.

"My arm, back, and chest are still healing. I can't dick a dude down like this."

"What prompted all of this, anyway? I don't see you for a year and suddenly you're inked up and jacked. You play pool at bars now, are constantly high off your face, drunk before noon."

I swirl my finger across the rim of my drink, the coolness dripping off my hand and onto the table. I slide my sunglasses from my head down to my nose and turn to stare at the pool.

"I send him money every once in a while. For food, or coffee, or whatever. I worry about him."

I clear my throat. "I know no one's worrying about me right now. Not like that."

"Radiation makes me so sleepy," I add. "But if I just keep writing poems and posting pictures and smoking and all that other shit, then some days I'm so tired that I can fool myself. And when I crawl into bed alone, I think he's just on a long vacation, and he'll be there when I wake up."

She reaches her hand out and tucks my hair behind my ear. "So, you're going to peg him."

"I'm going to peg the fuck out of him, yeah."

Short story by MsImaginary
Read 53 times
Written on 2018-07-01 at 20:58

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one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
it is good to have summer plans ~

i enjoy this, the writing and the atmosphere created.

two "v" words come to mind: vicarious and voyeuristic, my reaction and response to your words.