Feckless Pilot

Look there. That stupid guy has brought his air balloon,
It's huffing madly, up the valley to be pushed along
By winds which move upriver early every morning. He's a bit
Too low, and that is why his burners roar. He's apt to get
Caught in the trees. If he escapes, he'll be all right. A car
Will fetch him from the field he lights upon. If he does not:
Oh well; he's stupid but he's rich. He'll buy a new balloon,
But my balloon is my belief that you still love me, even
Though you've been away so many months, and, while
I like to think I'm bright, I may have misjudged many things,
And, though I think the breeze propels me near to you,
It may, in fact, be pushing me into the trees. You will
Remain out of my reach, and I'll be stranded here. I will
Not have a car to come to me, and my balloon won't be
Replaced. I'll sit, defeated, by the river, forced to own up:
I'm another of those stupid guys.

Poetry by Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-07-03 at 02:28

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I like the way the story in the poem moves from something objective to something quite personal. The transition is as seamless as possible. I don't think you are like that "feckless pilot." You are better. :D