Now I like Shakespeares works, I enjoy talking about his plays. As they are always relevant. BUT, is speech in his Henry V. That just winds me up!

SHAKESPEARE & HIS HENRY THE FITH! (Relervant Addishans) (Now With Intro)

Shakespeare - Henry the five
Speech - the glorious dead!
Granddad Joe as did his three brothers saw -
The trenches piled - with the dead -
English - Welsh - Scots - Irish - French - Belgume
Canadians - Australians - New Zealanders -
South Africans - Indian - Americans -
Yes - Russians* - and so many others!
Piled up - all dead - DEAD!

And of course among the piles of dead - were - German - Turkish dead!
Granddad Joe - saw battle - at Gallipoli - '' The Bloody Dardanelles! ''
Just as dead - Grandad and his three brothers - saw all the dead!
They failed to see any glory - among - the dead - laying - or standing in triumphant!

They saw no glory in the trenches - only DEATH - DEATH! PILED HIGH!

What he and three brothers - did not - did not see!
Were any glory - saw just piles - PILES and PILES OF THE DEAD!

Those that survived battles - would say to hell with what - Shakespeare said

Of the piles of the glories dead!

The pity is - in Shakespeare - Henry first - is a few lines spoken by Sir John Falstaff - in which he says : '' I saw no glory - as we slit the throat's of the prisoners - Shakespeare - Henry V - scene 7! Hardly notest, talked about!

Those who quote '' Our Glorious Dead '' ; should quote Falstaff!
Check out history - after battle of - so many prisoners - more thane were needed
To hold for ransom - as were the custom back then
The English refoust when ordered to start cutting throats
The Welsh soldiery - agreed - for a shilling a throat! ;
'' A shillings a shilling look you! ''
Of prisoners after the - back the captured after battles - were held for Ransom - So many after Agincourt - King Henry - ordered - that the French prisoners Throats be slit - the English solders - refused - even though the king offered a Shilling a throat! The Welsh solders - not so against the Kings order - and duly slit the throats of the surrendered French!

* Not widely known - Russia sent troops to fight beside their allies on the Weston Front

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