We commemorate Dame Daphne Sheldrick (d. 12th April), who set up the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust after her husband's death in 1977. Daphne developed a formula for milk-dependent orphaned elephants while co-warden in Tsavo National Park :>)

Daphne's discovery

Her husband often said, they should accept
that raising calves in need of mother's milk
could not be done. So many times, they'd wept
for tiny eles, ears still soft as silk,
who'd died of malnutrition. And this one
was fading too, sensed Daphne, as she cried
with Shmetty on her lap in Tsavo sun
and thought through all the cows'-milk mixes tried,
all failed. There must be something in the store,
a formula she'd missed? Back in that place,
she found a tin she hadn't seen before,
containing coco oil on fat-free base
once fed, the calf improved, began to play,
and hundreds have been hand-reared since that day.

Sonnet by Coo & Co The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-07-08 at 22:28

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PS: The photo is from Daphne's book An African Love Story, published by Penguin in 2012 :>)