Inspired by Ivor Gurney WW1 work - The Target. Ivor Gurney, though well educated. Not officer material. Joined the other ranks, so his War poetry, of the other ranks!


It were him or me!
I had him in my sites
He had me in his
I took aim - I squeezed
The trigger -
My aim - were true - he fell
As he fell - I a crack - rang out
I felt a sting on my ear - felt a wetness
Figerde my earlobe - found it now had a hole in it
A running stickiness down my neck
I put my finger - on the stickiness - looked
At my blood - slip - sit on the firing step
I turned around - saw old Charley - looking
Back at me - he had a look of shock - a look of aquastan
He were dead - shot by the bullet - meant for me
Taken the side of his head - clean off!
Charley - had been stood behind - just given a letter from his old lady - his wife
He had been waiting for me to read him the letter, his misses had wrote him
On a count - of - Charley - weren't to good at reading and writing - so I helped Him out when she wrote to her Charley - Charley - were so excited - he could not Wait - why he were stood behind me - now he laid - slumpt against the side of The trench - dead! - looking at me!

Should of been - ME - not old Charley!
Marred with three kids - back home

I dont know if he died - an instant death
I lived - maybe tomorrow

A German may have me in
His sites
Maybe - his aim will be true
Then I will full - dead I hope
In an instant!

In days to come
Two mothers - one a wife and mother - informed - of the deaths
Of their darling sweet boys - death of a darling husband

ken d williams

The Dyslexic Wordsmith

Poetry by ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-07-13 at 13:49

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