Happy Sunday :>)
It is hot here in the UK, and our FT has been struggling. Therefore, we are glad to accept an invitation to visit the Scilly Isles with our friends the mossops (pictured) :>)

St Mary's mossops

In the Coo & Co offices, up in the trees,
   there are shelves of quite serious books,
but above Aristotle, Plato, Sophocles,
   stand some knick-knacks in crannies and nooks.

'Who be these?' Coo asked FT, one midsummer morn,
   of a collection of seven small folks,
colours ranging from pale pink to bright bean to corn,
   eyes egg white-esque with squinty black yolks.

'Well, dear Coo,' FT answered, her own eyes aglow,
   'These be mossops, from St Mary's Isle –
they cost three-pounds-and-fifty, expensive I know;
   I was charmed by their fabulous style.'

'As am I,' chirped the colombine, twirling a tad,
   'And moreover, they seem super-sleek.'
'Super-sleek, super-stylish,' FT thought to add,
   as the mossops stood proud in their clique.

'This is Rose Quartz, I think.' FT pointed top right,
   and her finger brushed one mossop's head,
just a second of contact, her touch very light,
   but the mossop shrieked slightly and said:

'Yes it's true, we are St Mary's mossops, are we,
   and we wish to embark on a trip,
to the far Isles of Scilly with Coo and FT,
   so let's all board this glorious ship!'

A svelte sea ship appeared at the window of Coo's
   and the mossops jumped onto the deck,
'Shall we sail?' mused FT. 'I do fancy a cruise,'
   Coo replied, 'and the ship looks high tech!'

So they sailed through the trees to the fields to the coast,
   reaching Cornwall at just past midday.
'Are we there yet?' Coo asked; FT answered, 'Almost!'
   Then, 'We're here!' cheered the mossops. 'Hooray!'

Poetry by Coo & Co The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-07-15 at 20:09

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