Now some write romantically of the sea
Write of those who made a sea living
Some call them Ramsgate sea dogs!
When the truth be known - they were
Made a living by what cargo the ships
Had on bored there ships!
Some even showed a light on a moonless
Guiding - a heavily loaded - unaware ships
Crew on to The Goodwins Sands!
When the ship were trapped on The Goodwins
Held fast - doomed - to die - were the crew
Ramgate Sea Wolves - like a pack of wolves
Hovered - close bye
The terror-stricken crew saw the Ramsgate boats
Accompanied by the fellow sharks of Deal and Dover
Like sharks - hovering close bye - the stricken crew
Belivde they were about to be saved from a watery grave
Believed they were going to be saved from death!
The hovering boats - called out to the surviving crew
'' We will save you all - how much money have you got? ''
'' We will take the lot! '' ; '' And we will take the dog - for price! ''
Crews who would not pay - left to perish on The Goodwin's!
Ships that broke up - cargo pillaged - or pick up from Ramgate sands!

Maybe Ramsgate should of been named Ravensgate!
As Ramgate had it's carrion's - scavengers!
Ramsgate had it's - sharks!

You see it members fishing community's of The Cinque Ports - were given the Right to salvage - from ships wreckt on The Goodwins - Ramsgate men had boats, called Hovering Boats - ideal - for the work off the Goodwn's - hovering -
Until the crews gave in to the demands of the Ramsgate wreckers!
Cornwall reputation - were from well wrote fiction - a myth! Ramsgates past history is a fact - locals really did do - wrecking!

ken d williams

The Dyslexic Wordsmith

Poetry by ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-07-20 at 23:58

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