I Find, I Lose, I Find Again

I found a tree with my name carved on it
beside the name of a stranger

I found a shade to sleep in
and all day wished for death

I found a thousand reasons to live
and reasoned myself to die

I found marks covered on my skin
and forgot the ways of light

I found a sky closer to yesterday
and half hoped my mother would come to drag me home

I found a pair of scissors one early morning
and walked wearing a new face a girl thought was as old as memory

I found a shoebox full of hair
and tossed it in the slow sound of burning wood

I found two people who had our eyes
and followed them to the end of a bridge

I found reflections of me I was afraid to be
and was soothed by your sleeping lashes

Poetry by Praveen Bhusal
Read 50 times
Written on 2018-08-03 at 14:16

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