Nature used to portray human love.

Crude Love

Crude Love

Nature's regalia had been spread long,
Like unto a pitch and a stretched lawn;
The sun like the grape in her time shine,
The rain as well, in archetype line.
But diverse timing possess the twain.

Sometimes, when the sun with purpl'd eyes looked,
At the boasting cedar an wild brook,
Light rain in mockery saunters too,
Consoling the comfort-less brook.
But ne'er had sun looked hard while rain stool.

When the sun refuse the rain treat,
She becomes sore moody till she weep.
So is crude (unrefined) love thus shown:
True lovers cannot rival as foes.

Note: I discovered that since I've been old enough to discern, I haven't seen the rain fall heavily and seen sun shine cruelly at the SAME time. So I established it that, between them is portrayed true love. The sovereign one using nature to depict emotion. Which means they (sun and rain) are lovers who respect themselves. They don't rival. Only if they can't control their love game, they go for treat together and that is when our parent(African /Nigerian) told us that, a leopard has just given birth to warrant this. So, learn how to learn from nature. Josh Berry

Sonnet by Ajoshberry
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Written on 2018-08-23 at 17:25

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