Yaar is a Nepali word for friend. Inspired from the ghazals of Agha Shahid Ali. 



How shall I write? With what pain and anguish and grief tonight?

At dawn you'll leave; I have not a moment's relief tonight.


I practice saying goodbye to my image in mirrors.

I elaborate the past; how can I be brief tonight?


You've thrown away my gifts, my letters? Send me the remains please!

I'll bind them with love in an invisible sheaf tonight.


From history, what I've learned is not to shed any tears,

Not even for the yaar who's been a brash thief tonight.


Love is only temporal. Well, it has left me for good.

Why do I still miss you? With what hidden motif tonight?


After a long time, I am listening to Bach alone.

Shh! Do not say a word, music is my new chief tonight.


A gust of wind sneaks through the cracked windows, the door ajar.

The wine's finished. I'm trembling like a peepal leaf tonight.


I once thought love healed and cured the soul's severe affliction.

That comely face has broken my erstwhile belief tonight.


Look, the river of emptiness flows towards you Bibek;

Divert it with your heart—the stony rock massif—tonight.



Bibek Adhikari 

Poetry by Bibek
Read 181 times
Written on 2018-09-09 at 18:49

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Rajesh Budhathoki
The shades love have been rendered in these lines; reading it I am compelled to acknowledge a dark shade of love. The poet's expressions of love clutch me in its grip and I felt aching of heart. I enjoyed your ghazal Bibek. Best wishes for upcoming endeavours!

Thomas DeFreitas The PoetBay support member heart!
Marvellously vivid and multifaceted (and, as Shahid Ali would be the first to remind us, a certain "disjunctiveness" is the glory of the ghazal!).

The images seem all over the place. I think the poem would fare better if the images were sequential. for example, an image of a tear could lead to an image of the ocean which would lead to fishes and on and on. Do you see what I mean?