In memory of my aunt Todorka by Dessislava Dimitrova traslated by Ann Wood

In memory of my aunt Todorka.
Rest in peace, dear aunt!
Let the heavenly angels lead you into the better world,
where there is no pain, there is no sorrow, no jealousy, no hatred,
where the tears are blessed and they are just out of joy and fun.

Uncle has been waiting for you long ago,
and also grandma, grandfather, aunt, gretgrandmother.
what kind of meeting they are welcoming you, are they all well,
Will I ever to know ?!

Send them many greetings from me and tell them,
that they will never go into oblivion.
Because I love you all endlessly,
but from my dear memories it becomes miraculous -
when I look at the pictures when I want to tell
to my husband and to the children,
for the time spent with you under our native roof,
for forbidden flowers, for strawberries and raspberries,
which you were sitting in the yard, and we secretly picked it up ...

I am rich with every moment of life among people like you,
with everything experienced and seen,
but now I'm sorry again,
that God has ordained that you should leave us,
in early autumn and not at the right time ...

With much love,
your Dudunka!

Poetry by antoniya katelieva-wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-10-02 at 15:14

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