A poem in the Nepali dialect. 

Patriotism 101

After Nissim Ezekiel’s The Patriot.


While everyone around keeps fighting and fighting,

I am always walking here and there for peace and non-violence,

Wearing a t-shirt that is saying Buddha was born in Nepal.


One thing I am never understanding—

Why are these people constantly fighting and fighting?

Why are they no wearing more of cool Buddha t-shirts?


Nepali wisdom is the best wisdom, Nepali culture is the best culture—

But the world is neglecting Nepal, rejecting Buddha.

Everyone is running after foreign fashion and foreign porn.


Other day I was using Facebook to write a status—

Every day I am writing some patriotic status in angrezi

To improve my English confidence for IELTS—

Then I am seeing a horrible news.


One lafango fellow is making fun of K.P. Oli

With stupid memes and foolish comments.

The lafango fellow must be of the opposition party.

How is he forgetting that K.P. Oli is the source of light

And hope for all the Nepalis? Oli is bringing the Titanic ship,

Electric trains, gas pipes, subway metro, many reconstruction,

Regeneration, revitalization, and contraception to Nepal.


It is getting cold today.

Maybe I’ll be having some chiya.

You want a glass?

Goes very good with cigarette yaar.

With milk and sugar and cardamom.

Very good drink, yaar! Take a glass, I am insisting.

Better than the tallest glass of Nescafé.

Not that I am ever tasting Nescafé; you see, I support local products.

Now we are drinking the tea, let me talk about world politics.


India is our enemy.

China is also like that.

We are having bad neighbours, I am telling you that.

Donald Trump is also harassing me.

All men are brothers, no?

Why is Trump not letting me enter his country then?

In Nepal also, all brothers—

Brahmins, Chettris, Newars, Janajatis—are trying to enter Amrika!

But the embassy is stopping them, and saying, “No means No.


Still, I don’t mind not getting into Amrika.

After all, we are getting into the Middle East,

And bringing silver and gold from the Sheikhs.

These days many brothers from my village are doing the dishes in Australia—

Bringing new iPhone home every year.  

One even brought a khaire wife—people are respecting him like god.

No wonder he’s a great man. The point is—

Can we be great men too?


Your visa is rejected? Whaat? Don’t worry, brother.

One day Ram Rajya is coming here, K.P. Oli is bringing it.

Why going anywhere else?

Sit here! Want another glass of chiya?

No? Another cigarette, maybe?

Ok, I’ll be having one more.

Yes, please!


Now back to politics—where was I?

Ram Rajya? Okay. K.P. Oli is our Ram.

Bidhya Bhandari is our Sita. Together they are building Nepal—

Why go anywhere?

But what’s wrong with that sala British Council?

Not publishing my IELTS results till now?



Bibek Adhikari  

Poetry by Bibek
Read 223 times
Written on 2018-10-04 at 14:27

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Karan Ram Sharma
I have read but one poem by Nissim Ezekiel, i.e. The Patriot. His grammar was horrid...I shall never know whether it was for effect or his ability, because I shall never read another of his poems.

Your homage to his poem and pasquinade of the mildly-English-fluent Commie proletariat of Nepal is very effective. The nationalistic canonization of Buddha as Nepali--such a joke. The ignorant idolatrize KP Sharma Oli as a godsend to the the people of Nepal or even as the engenderer of Ram Rajya.

So effective that I am overwhelmed by a sense of nausea...as if I have been afflicted by a thirty-minute conversation with some natio-communist imbecile.

Well done!

Thomas DeFreitas The PoetBay support member heart!
An effective lampoon! I like many moments of this poem: to isolate two, I love when the speaker asks, "Why are they no wearing more of cool Buddha t-shirts?" ... and I love the list of all the things that Oli is bringing to Nepal, from "electric trains" to "contraception"!

jim The PoetBay support member heart!
This flows effortlessly with your conversational tone. The glimpse of Nepal is compelling. You touch all senses. The imagery is super-real, vivid, as are the sounds and . . . attitude.

This is skillful writing, Bibek. Really fine.