From September 2016.

Woman Well Past Forty

Woman well past forty,

I love you like those cool

October mornings

before the sun becomes

rude in its insistence.


I love you like the reddening leaves

of the trees I call by the names

of the churches they stand next to:

the St Agnes tree, the Unitarian tree.


I love you as tired bones love rest

at the end of a long hard day.

I love you like pizza and pasta.

I love you like cheese ravioli.

I love you like Sunday dinner

with cheap red wine.


I love you like Van Morrison's "Moondance."

I love you like those yesterdays

whose tomorrows were always better.


I love you like coffee in pajamas

on the porch at first frost.

I love you like breakfast

at the Sunnyside Diner:

blueberry pancakes,

English muffins.


I love you like the foreseeable surprise

of November’s first snowfall.

I love you like the clamor of the city

that hushes to something like awe

every Christmas Eve.


I love you like Dylan Thomas.

I love you like Trappist monasteries.

I love you like suffering.


Receive me,

make room for me.

I'll be a good and gentle-tempered guest.

I'll help with the housework.

I'll do the dishes.

I'll make you a cup of hot chocolate.

I'll listen.

Poetry by Thomas DeFreitas The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-10-14 at 08:24

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oh wow! this is such a beautiful heartwarming poem, you have written. All good things personified.....amazing. Beautiful.

Ah, I always love your "list poem." This one is full of details and vivid ideas. The final stanza sums up everything. Bravo!