The party visits the daymark on St Martin's and enjoys a picnic :>o
Our photograph is 'The Daymark', by Anthony Houghton :>)

At the Daymark; or, When Coo & Co met the Jumblies :>)

So the party sailed northwards to St Martin's Isle,
   dropping anchor at Bread & Cheese Cove,
before journeying upwards with soup, super-style,
   and a mini yet mighty gas stove.

'We are bound for the daymark, FT,' Coo explained,
   'it resembles a tinned pencil tip
and its radiant red-and-white stripes are maintained
   to assist every barque, boat, and ship.'

'Yay, the daymark!' the St Mary's mossops gave cheer;
   'It is certainly bright,' smiled FT.
'Yes, indeed; and behold, we have strong soup-and-beer,'
   added Coo, 'to heat up presently.'

But as everyone neared the said red-and-white stripes,
   they perceived other colours as well –
there were greens, there were blues, of quite jubilant types,
   a fine blend with the Scilly-sea swell.

As the party drew closer, the colours took shape
   and the greens became well-rounded heads,
then the blues became hands, holding joy-juice of grape
   and some cheese and a few brown-rye breads.

'Who be these?' asked the mossops, their eyes all a-glow;
   'These be Jumblies,' Coo whispered reply –
'I had thought that their wanderings ceased long ago;
   here they are, though, most spruce and most spry!'

'Greetings, Jumblies!' Coo curtseyed, and held out a wing,
   'We are honoured to meet you this day.
I am Coo, these are mossops, and this flissty thing
   is FT.' And the mossops sang, 'Yay!'

All the Jumblies came prancing in pink-paper shoes
   they had fastened well down with a pin,
and shook hands, wings. 'Such pleasure to meet all of yous!'
   they all chorused, with greenial grin.

'Are you travelling again?' asked FT. 'That we are!'
   they responded, 'wherever we turn,
in our swift-circling sieve and our crockery jar,
   and through waters both peaceful and stern.'

'That is fun!' Coo decided. 'And what of your jaunt?'
   Jumblies asked. 'It is Scilly throughout,'
Coo informed, 'seeing many an historic haunt,
   sometimes witnessing ruin and rout.'

'Let's sit shadily down by the daymark, fond friends,'
   said the Jumblies, 'and make a long lunch,
and our wanderings never shall come to their ends
   while there's bread, cheese, and soup fit to crunch.'

So all ate, drank, and merried, and grew very tall,
   parting company just after five,
for the Jumblies to re-visit St Martin's mall
   to buy plums and a seal who could jive.

Poetry by Coo & Co The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-10-22 at 19:34

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Coo & Co The PoetBay support member heart!
Woo-hoo! Thank-coo! :>o

Thousand thanks from Coo & Co for comments and applauds. We meant to provide a link to Edward Lear's wonderful poem; here it is, animated, :>)

one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
Very enjoyable, and reading the "Jumblies" for the first time was a treat (which I did after reading your poem).

You make the ordinary extraordinary, a wonderful poetic travelogue.

Thomas DeFreitas The PoetBay support member heart!
Greenial grin!