Bracing for the brute impact of winter,

I see the curtain rise. First act of winter!


Like spotted white bricks, like reams of poems,

Yesterday's snow is piled, cliffed, stacked, O Winter!


Commuters curse the slush and battering gusts:

The weather-gods are slightly cracked in winter.


Hardy New Englanders shrug shovelling shoulders

At fifty-below wind-chills. Simple fact of winter!


The Abominable Snowman’s personal website

Shows palm trees, tropic beaches. (Hacked in winter!)


Number 12 spent a bit too long in the pocket.

Tackled in the snow, the QB sacked in winter.


I leave my browning wreath up till mid-March.

As for my household chores, I've slacked in winter.


But if you've ever seen an Amherst ice-storm,

You'd be awed, amazed, even gobsmacked by winter!


Deer prancing through the glacial wonderland

Hope that no hunters have them tracked in winter.


Tommy Def’s laid back. He’s chillin’ like Dylan.

He's not someone who gets nerve-wracked by winter!

Poetry by Thomas DeFreitas The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-11-12 at 02:32

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