You're the Top 2011

You're the top, you're a mackerel holy,

you're a stop by the Bruins goalie:
you're a beauty queen, you're the leafy green of Spring;
you're a live third rail, and you never fail
to make me sing!
You're a dream, and you drive me loco,
you're the steam from a cup of cocoa ---
I'm a reckless guy just arrested by a cop:
Signorina, I'm the bottom. You're the top!


You're as fine as a gin martini,
you're a line penned by Seamus Heaney ---
you're a candle-wick, you're a Bergman flick at Cannes:
you're a silver platter, a Pollock splatter,
you're tryptophan!
You're so sweet, you're a comic hero ---
you're a treat, but I'm close to zero.
I'm a bloke benighted, a withered blighted crop:
I'm a dweller of the cellar --- you're the top!


You're the top, you're Michelle Obama;
you're the top, you're the Dalai Lama:
you're a red balloon, you're a '60s tune on "Glee" --
you're a jazzy jitney, you're a song by Whitney,
you're a liturgy!
You're a blast from an angel's bugle,
you're as fast as a search by Google!
I'm a dying ember, a cold November gray ---
but you're funny, you're the sunny month of May!


You're the top, you're a cat from Siam;

you're the top, you're a rib that's priam:
you're a matinée starring Doris Day and Rock:
You're a Persian Khayyam, you're quadruple rhayyam,
you're "Pillow Talk"!
You're the best! You're a Penguin Classic;
you're the rest of a comfy hassock:
I could sing your praise for a million days and nights!
Yes, you're sweller than the stellar northern lights!

You're a ring with a priceless jewel,
you're the King singing "Don't Be Cruel" ...
you can parlez-vous like the Waterloo of Nap:
you're a cappuccino, you're the great Bambino!
I'm a silly chap.
You beguile! Yes, you're even smarter

than a smile flashed by Jimmy Carter:

You're a Nobel Prize, you're a pair of eyes that shine!

You're Neruda, you're the Buddha, you're divine!


You've got looks! You're a marvel modern!
You're the books read by Wystan Auden.
You're a blushing morn, you're a soul that's born again!
You're the snows of winter, you're the Splendid Splinter,
you're a fountain pen!
You're the sword of a dragon-slayer!
You're adored! (I'm a thick-tongued mayor.)
You're the break of day, you're a Shakespeare play in verse;
you've brought joy to this old boy, you've stopped the curse!

You're the top! You're the Queen of Britain.
You're the top, and I'm sorely smitten:
you're a birthday cake, a sky-blue lake in June;
I'm a double dribbler, I'm a screwy scribbler ---
you're a Gershwin tune!
You're a gem: you're the lace Chantilly.
You're the stem of a snow-white lily!
I'm a faded rug, I'm an ugly mug, a churl.
You're an oyster in a cloister --- you're a pearl!


You're a bird, you're an ode by Horace ---
you're a word in Roget's Thesaurus!
you're a silken glove, a turtle-dove, it's true!
You're the rose of Sharon, you're the voice of Karen
singing "Close to You"!
You're a drape, you're a blind Venetian;
you're the shape of an urn that's Grecian!
I'm a bard forlorn, a Samson shorn of hair:
but you're sterling, you're a girl beyond compare!


You're the top of a fireman's ladder.
You're the top! No one makes me gladder.
You're the subtle charm of a country farm in Maine.
You're a sparkling soda, you're the ears of Yoda,
you're a candy cane!
You're a doll --- oh, you're just like heaven!
you're so tall (almost five-eleven) ...
I'm a case of gout, a doltish lout, a pest!
but if, honey, I'm annoying, you're the best.


You're the top, you're a golden trinket;
you're the top, just like Smith & Pinkett:
you're the manner mild of a soulful child of grace;
to be diplomatic, I get quite ecstatic
when I see your face!
You're the lurch of a locomotive,
you're a church with a candle votive:
I'm as crazed as heck, a crashing wreck. I'm done!
You're terrific, beatific, you're the one!


You're so fab! You're McCartney's Lennon.
You're not drab: you're the bluest denim.
You're Seattle grunge, you're a daring bungee jump ---
you're a hedge with brambles, an egg that scrambles!
I am Forrest Gump.
You’re a peach, and you make me feel good;
you're a speech by the late John Gielgud:
you’re a cherished chum, you're the total sum --- a friend!
And this litany I’ve written now must end.

Poetry by Thomas DeFreitas The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 177 times
Written on 2018-11-26 at 08:48

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