Welcome to the Carnival

I've traded bottles for cartridges.
Exhaling vapor, a lot of it.
Coughing up honesty, honestly?
I do not know if this past time is part of it.

Meet me at the corner of tremors and shakes.
Patiently wait.
Sit there in silence, defiantly biased, and watch
As the world floats away.

How does it taste?
All that resentment and bitterness you directed towards the living.
Plotting and scheming to feast upon empty wishes of the creatures
Enslaved to your bidding.

Misaligned, or maladjusted?
It doesn't matter the cure is redundant.
Exhale the vapor, remember your place, and
Resume the exhumation of your quandaries.

Swimming in clouds reminiscent of memories swirling away as you kick-
Plummeting through an abyss-
Mindless and free.
Floating through happiness played on a screen.

The creeps and cannibals eat at you.
Feasting and drinking and grinning and spitting and spilling and making a fuss.
What is the rush?
Enough ain't enough of enough, so enough.

Inhale, exhale.
New cloud, new drought.
Selling your tendencies for new amenities
And trading semblance for self.

Words by Phill
Read 229 times
Written on 2019-01-08 at 16:18

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