Happy 21st birthday to my beautiful grant god daughter EvaQin by Ann Wood

Happy 21st birthday to my beautiful grant god daughter EvaQin. On this day 21 years ago you were born and make yours family happy and proyd of you.

Today 21 years later, you are one gorgeous, kind, loving and carring young lady. Mother of one beautiful little girl and my grant god daughter.

Today everyone will wish you happy birthday EvaQin, but you will be happy once I wished it to you. Today I want to wish you, all the best and good health and luck in everything you di in yours life. Also sea of love, ocean of happiness, joy, success, money, be proud of who you are, and may all yours dreams to become true one day.

Today you getting a year older, beautiful and wise, and it is true it is yours 21st birthday sweetheart. Have a blessed and full of peace, love, fun and happiness birthday EvaQin. Enjoy it to the end.

Today I will raise a glass of wine, and will have a drink for yours birthday. I will light a candales and will say apryers to God, to gift you with long life and bless yours feast with, peace, love, light and happiness.

Today in the winter gardens flowers are blooming in yours honor. Birds are singing theirs love songs for you. The wind is playfully dancing with yours long and beautiful hair in the rhythm of the birds song.

The sky is blue and the dtars are big and bright, the moon telling them her story, for the girl who have a birthday today. The sea is revolts, ships wreak the wakes and sailors shoot fireworks.

Once again happy birthday EvaQin, hope you have a blessed one and Happy New Year 2019. You are born on New Years Eve, that make yours birthday more special.

With love, peace and light always yours grantma Ann Wood. I love you sweetheart. Cheers for yours birthday EvaQin, be healthy and full of life.

Poetry by antoniya katelieva-wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-12-31 at 02:00

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