January 2, 2019.

i forgive you

I sense a change in the storm I once knew
His wind doesn't blow me away like it used to
Unforgiving and cruel, unaccepting of love
He is now aching, breathless, and trying to trust


A vibrant scorpio who bowed to no one
Is now admitting his flaws and admitting when he's weak
I see the corners of his lips rise
and his cheeks redden like metal succumbing to heat


Emotions are not new to him,
but allowing himself to feel them is
I was a humbled Fall leaf in his precious gusts of wind
But now he's as steady as a flowing creek and I'm allowed to swim


The storm I used to know left me wounded and afraid
I was left with no home and no intention to pray
I was strong enough to leave after everything he put me through
But I didn't know that he had been hurting too


I pushed away the wind that never seemed to want me in the first place
But now I have shaken the hand that scarred me and met him once again
Forgiveness and hope have replaced the emptiness of heart ache
And now I'm proud to call him my friend

Poetry by aidan haskel
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Written on 2019-01-02 at 23:09

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Memorizing, your imagery is beautiful!

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