PROVINCIALS by Chudomir translated by Ann Wood

"Good afternoon, Peshke, where are you losing, I have not seen you all summer?"

"You left, sister, not to see the summer, and the curse, I could not open my eyes from empty guests.

"Do you like me, poor, welcome guests?"

"To start telling you, Todorice, it's gone. Do not give anybody such a thing to anybody.

Marie, I called a time on our Tena when I was assistant mayor. You, you say, you have set yourself up to announce our town as a resort, but you are doing it! Your family is big, it has filled the whole of Bulgaria, every year guests will start to scrape away that we have no day to see. So he went out. Last year, his sister from Plovdiv arrived with three children and her mother-in-law, and they came back again because the doctor had recommended them three seasons in a row to come. On my stomach I was dragged, until I stopped them this year not to come again. And I was just thinking that this summer I would be resting, sister, and his cousin, the cousin, from Sofia. And she does not come alone, but her companion leads. For society, who led her. She left her husband, his godfather, coming here to fix himself nervously. Corrected, the bitch, three pounds and six hundred grams, has been up for two months and is still being repaired. And as she grows fat, Todorice, so I lose weight, and as much as she gets through her nervous disease, it catches me. And now, as I'm sitting in the kitchen, playing the nerve - I do not know what I'm doing. The other day I dipped the Tsankovichina cat with the dilaf, and there I stayed. Tennie buried her in the heap.

"Well, I, Marie, my sister, my sister's native sister, tells me, and it comes to me. "Come on, how are you kidnapped, and I said to bring the kids to cheer you up?" Do not see their children and the hunger. She was, she was, Peshaus, but she gave birth, she gave birth that she did not think. Five haidoutina brought me back into position. That as they began climbing on peaches, plums, pears, there was no place untouched. I had a pot with a white fly, from the kite, to pull it out of the root-their head to take off!

"And ours, as they sleep like worms, are right in the kitchen:" Oh, that's good for you, milk, how much you taste the butter, madam! " Our cheese was Balkan, the honey smelled of lime-colored - stuffing like sacks and going for a walk. And I wash panic all day and cook. My dandelion does not come out of my hands. When he said, "Fine baccavas do, string, thin baskets you dangle ... Let their intestines drag along!

"On the other day, I'd strained tomato juice in the bag, I'd cook it for the winter, and they, his beggar-beggars, would take the cat inside so that it would turn red. Their nose to reddish! Three coffee cups broke me, nurse, and two plates. Most of all I'm sorry for the plate - my wedding was left, with red gullies all around me.

"Our bastard, until he behaved great, and against the men he spoke as he overcame the second kilo, and began curling his hair. And now every night she sends her to Donna Kevin the groom. Be a bar man, it is! I do not know his mother, we hunk that until yesterday he was going to wash the laundry. And to say, to some kind of service he is, and he's a hard-working man.

"Yesterday, on Sunday I come back from a church and what do you think, I put the two daffodils on the bathtub, washed it down and scratched it with my white comb, a tiny cock that Tenyo brought me from the Saar's fair. And the little ones found the balls with ragged rags, which I had prepared for the rug, developed them, climbed them over the trees, tossed the green gourds, made them and they did a garden party. As one head struck me - I did not get up from bed by the evening. All night long Tienio puts my wipes on my forehead, so I'm asleep at dawn.

- And when they called out our coins: "How is the time, the sting, how it is easy to pass two months!" - and they do not ask me that these two months seemed to me two leap years.

"I was the most angry at our Tenyo, where our town was a resort. What's her resort so much, sister? And the cattle that smoke the morning and the morning, or diseases are not there? Oh, did Stoyan the taligi did not die the boy from last winter? What about Kina Uzunchina, but Granny Tota, but Christ Pazzintin and the two girls did not die? The whole city is blazing with illnesses, and they are resort - resort resorts. There are mosquitoes, and there are fleas, and wind blows like a funnel ... I have Tanya to have a thorn on her naked head, but to see.

- There was a Balkan air! Chunkim our vassula does not live near the Seminary and Vitosha is next to the traffic door. Marguerite Marķas, Todorice, what kind of air you are looking for!

"They're looking for you, but they're supposed to take it." When the summer arrives, I take my bags and go right to them. I will not call them at all. Let's break through the heat and the tightness, all summer we'll sit there. I teach them how to chew a dog with a bone comb and how to paint a cat with tomato juice!

- Let me know that summer will call me by letter, I will immediately call them to go to Solou

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