After reading "16 Whachamacallits" by Thomas, I searched the database for this from 2003. Originally based on Jack Kerouac's "Pops." Some are terribly self-conscious haiku or tanka-esque. Some are more spontaneous.




     Turtle sleeps beneath 

the crystal ice, Tommy walks





     I set out 

to touch the moon—

     it looks so near




      Poetry nearly is not— 

separated from nothing 

      by a thought




     Breezy afternoon 

sitting in the lacy shade 

     of a leafing tree—


     warm when the sunlight breaks through

cool behind the tender leaves




     Soon I will follow

walking the endless meadow

     across the river





me, me, me





     Hours of cutting

days of warmth—

     wood for the stove




     Sound of mowing

calls the swallows




     I have become

the cow, the calf, the bull




     my goal

is to rid my life of blackjack

     and such 


(blackjack is species of oak)




     High on my poem

I haven’t found the flaw—







     put a sock in it!




     Frog’s gotta run,

here it comes—





     Spring leaves

dot the lawn—

     after the hail




     Gamboling calves 

& gambling bucks—

     cattle ranching




     Plumbing repair 

on Friday is dumb




     Then it hits me—

they’re gone




     There is much

not to say




     The rain passed

us by—

     fickle twit




     With good intentions

we hang the hummingbird’s feeder

     from a redbud branch—


     kitties watch from below

but the hummers don’t care




     In the bright sunlight

my new sneakers look too white




     The cold front

is welcome—

     but I’m cold!



     What’s that flash

of blue and yellow in the tree?





     Another weekend gone!





brings a lull

     a stolen moment




     Lush is the sound

of grass this spring—






     Thin of face  

noble of demeanor 




     Look at the trees

they’re doing a magic dance!




Instructions for an Artist



from a collection of hues

     a fabrication—


     a myth

which looks like the truth




     quaking aspen beats anything—

shim shim shimmy leaves

     all it wants is mariachi




     Green fly drinks a bead 

of water upon my arm

     then bites me! Ingrate!




     The reality of country life

is a wild swing between

     god-awful and nearly perfect







is a glide—

     smooth on soles




     A jumble of legs entwined

we are starfish—




     Day ends

reading light off

     head on pillow—


     silence roars






     Very dead

gripped in the maw 

     of my mewing cat




     La, it rained 

la, it rained

     la la la it rained




Point of View


The soldier says, “I have cold feet.”

The captain says, “Son, we’re all scared.”

The chaplin says, “God be with you.”

The sergeant says, “Get some dry socks.”




First Blush


     As she bathes away her ache

a plume wafts gently—

     from the warmth, into the warmth




     Life’s little pleasures

ease the pain




On black cats with yellow-green eyes


     Sometimes that is all you see—




On Losing


     It hurts


(Chicago Cubs, October, 2003)




     An armada of white pelicans 


     on their way south




     Out of tune

my three violins

     sing the comic harmonic






     Bach’s cantatas prove

humans can be humane




     Every tick of the clock

brings us closer 

     to immortality




     Felipe Alou

Felipe Alou

     Felipe Alou




     We set our clocks back today


     what we borrowed




     A rock is always handy




     God bless 

the librarian 

     who says hush!




     Watching you dance

puts a smile on my face


     (Tommy, dancing to Vince Guaraldi)




     I like boots that tie

belts that cinch

     and poems with and without form





Poetry by jim The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-03-24 at 12:30

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Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
All of these are so pleasing. It is amazing how so little can create so much. My whole self thanks you for sharing.
Smiling is enjoyment.

Thomas DeFreitas The PoetBay support member heart!
Oh, Jim, these are glorious! I especially cherish "High on my poem" for its last line, and "fickle twit" for the rain! So many good things here! Applauded! Bookmarked!