Day fourty of our holiday in Bulgaaria and day one back in UK 5th of August 2018 by Ann Wood

Day fourty of our holiday in Bulgaaria and day one back in UK 5th of August 2018. It is Sunday morning and I am in my mom`s house, and it is time for my first doze of medications before my breakfast. I check my sugar level and take my medications, thirty minutes later I eta some breakfast, my mom was make pancakes and cup of herbal tea with honey and lemon inside. After breakfast I get shower because it was a very hot day already and get dressed. My mom is day off for few days and we will go out with her and my aunties family for day trip to the nearst town and to visit the carboots there. We left the house around 0945hrs and start our journey. In the car we play some music and was talking about my journey back from Bulgaria. My mom was make from day before our picnik bag and some tea and coffee also fresh home made limonade. We stop first in carboots parking to looking around for hour or two and then we start travel again to visit Redding. There we go for shopping and for nice walk around the twon. Around three pm we have our picnik in the park. When we finish we get back to the car and start driving around outside Redding. We stop few times to looking around and at eigh pm we get back home. We take our shoppings inside and have some fresh drinks before we have our dinner. After dinner I have help my mom to water the garden and plant pots. When we finish watering the garden we get back in the house and I watch telly and speak with my friend on the phone. From carboots I was buy few interesting stories books and some frame pictures with nice sea views and flowers. Also few new plants for our garden which we will plant tomorrow. It is was such a lovely day and we all enjoyed it make a lot of pictures and was have fun. Tomorrow I have few hospital appoitments and it will be hot again and busy day. I go to bed around 0000hrs and fall asleep was so tired from our day out and it take me few minutes to get asleep. Good night my friends and family all over the world see you soon, I love you all blessed be and sweet dreams. That is from me today always yours Ann Wood.

Short story by antoniya katelieva-wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-03-25 at 17:18

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