GABROVSKI HUMOR by unknow autor traslated by Ann Wood

In the past, and now, being born in Gabrovo is something like a privilege. The Gabrovians are able to save and bargain because the sparingly flow in their veins; they know how nothing is achieved - a priceless lesson from their ancestors, but if a crisis is set - they start to make their sense of humor, because they do not have anything else to do. This is the most saving and witty part of the Bulgarian population and there are numerous anecdotes. It is they who created the phenomenon "Gabrovo humor", which is alive and healthy today.
"They say that the Gabrovians are cutting cats' tails in order to close their door more quickly and not to cool their own." This is why the black-tailed cat has become a permanent symbol of Gabrovo.
It is also said that they put taps on the eggs so that they drain as much as they need - a whole egg is a lot for a soup! "

"... that at night they stop their watches, so that their charts are not scarce."

"... that they put green hats on their horses when they are poured into the crèches by the shreds of the lathe - to think it is hay."

"... they are also sweating in the masters and in the bargain."

"... when they eat tea, they heat the knives - it can not be taken with the butter."

"... in order not to pay a chimney sweep, they run the cat through the chimney with a keen newspaper in the queue."

"... when the world begins to talk about something, it is already done in Gabrovo." And many, many anecdotes, told by Gabrovians about Gabrovo. A small number of them are collected in the book "Gabrovo anecdotes", translated into more than 20 languages, which is a special ambassador of the DHS worldwide and successfully opening doors, hearts and minds.
A selection of all this wealth of local humorous folklore is contained in the famous GABROVSKI SHEGI book, translated into 20 languages ​​and published in 43 editions.
In 2005, a team of specialists at the House of Humor and Satire prepared a new edition of Gabrovo jokes and anecdotes entitled "GABROVSKI HUMOR, anecdotes and jokes about Gabrovo." The compilers of the collection are ethnologists. Tatyana Tsankova and Veneta Kozareva. The design and illustrations are made by the artist Yordanka Shiyakova. The book "GABROVSKI HUMOR, anecdotes and jokes about Gabrovo" was published in French, German, Russian and English in translation by Darina Marinchevska, Stefka Boeva, Anelia Tsankova, Veneta Kozareva and Galina Boneva. All the editions of the collection can be found at the souvenir stand at the House of Humor and Satire. The creators of the book hope that it will bring real pleasure to fans of Gabrovo humor.

In the summer of 2008 the GABROVSKI HUMOR edition became accessible to all blind people in Bulgaria. Thanks to the National Cultural Center of the Blind Louis Braille in Sofia and personally to Mr. Spas Karafezov, the Museum HOUSE OF HUMOR AND SATIRE already has a braille copy of his most popular edition. Let this other format - the relief letter - bring light and optimism among this group of Bulgarian citizens.

winter (1.XI. - 31.III.)
Tuesday - Sunday
9 am - 6 pm
day off - Monday
summer (1.IV. - 31.X.)
9 am - 6 pm
without a day off
April 1 - Birthday of the House of Humor and Satire and Planet GABROVO
The museum will be open for visits on March 4 (Monday) 2019.
From August 10, 2018, visitors to the Museum can also pay at the cash desk and in the souvenir shop with cards issued in Bulgaria (Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, Bcard, Borika, DSK Bank)
(16 March to 14 November)
1. Adults 5.00 leva
2. Persons over 65 years 3.00 BGN
3. Students and students 2.50 lv.
4. Family ticket (up to 2 adults and children up to 18 years) 9.00 BGN
5. People with special needs for free
6. Students from a specialized social care institution free of charge
7. Winner of the title "Honorary citizen of Gabrovo
(with escort) free of charge
8. Organized visit to a group of over 20 people with a guide
(upon a contract with a tour operator or an organized visit of educational organizations, clubs, etc.)
8.1. Adults 3.00 lv.
8.2. Student 2.00 leva
8.3. Persons over 65 years 2.00 lv.
(for the period 15 November - 15 March)
1. Adults 3.00 leva
2. Persons over 65 years 2.00 lv.
3. Students and students 2.50 lv.
4. Organized visit of a group of over 20 students with a tour guide (upon a contract with a tour operator or an organized visit of educational organizations, clubs and others) BGN 2.00
5. Family ticket (up to 2 adults and children up to 18 years old) 6.00 lv.
(providing free entrance for exhibitions and a 20% discount for entry tickets for educational programs)
1. Adults 10.00 BGN
2. Students and persons over 65 years 5.00 lv.
3. Family Subscription Card 16.00 BGN
for educational programs in museum expositions
1. Educational program 5.00 leva
2. Educational program with specific materials and equipment 8.00 BGN
3. Cinematographic devices
3.1. Adults 4.00 leva
3.2. Students and persons over 65 years 2.00 BGN
Guided tours:
- in Bulgarian 8.00 BGN
- in foreign language 10.00 BGN
Professional shooting 100.00 BGN
Use of the sound recording studio - multi-channel studio record 10.00 BGN / hour
Use of the "Giraffe Hall" Duration Price (with VAT)
for cultural and educational organizations 1 hour 18.00 lv.
 2 hours 30.00 BGN
 1 day 60.00 lv.
for other organizations 1 hour 60.00 BGN
 2 hours 80.00 BGN
 4 hours 140.00 BGN
 1 day 180.00 BGN
Multimedia and sound usage Duration Price (with VAT)
for cultural and educational organizations 1 hour 10.00 BGN
 2 hours 18.00 lv.
 1 day 60.00 lv.
for other organizations 1 hour 10.00 BGN
 2 hours 18.00 lv.
 4 hours 32.00 lv.
 1 day 60.00 lv.
Organizing a "Birthday at the Museum"
(lasting 1 hour and 50 minutes) Number of children Price (with VAT)
Monday to Friday to 10 children 200.00 BGN
 over 10 children 20.00 BGN per child
Saturday to Sunday up to 10 children 225.00 lv.
 over 10 children BGN 22.50 per child
The present price list, in force since 01.07.2018, was adopted by Decision No87 / 31.05.2018 of the Municipal Council of Gabrovo, Order No. 32 of March 20, 2018 and Order No. 82 of 26.07.2018 of the Director of the Museum of humor and satire. "
Individual and group tourists can use the free car park opposite the House of Humor and Satire.
The Museum HOUSE OF HUMOR AND SATIRE is one of the 100 national tourist sites of Bulgaria
On page 16 of the latest edition of the book "100 National Tourist Sites" enthusiastic tourists can "seal" their visit in 4 emblematic tourist destinations in the region of Gabrovo. Among them is the only Bulgarian museum of world humorous art - the House of Humor and Satire, which has taken its place among the most visited tourist attractions in the country.
In Gabrovo, of course, the geographic center of Bulgaria, located 220 km east of Sofia, 150 km northeast of Plovdiv (the second largest city in Bulgaria), 274 km west of Varna (the biggest port of Black Sea) and 153 km south of Ruse (the largest port on the Danube).
If you are not a member of an organized tourist group, you can arrive in Gabrovo by bus, train or own transport. Gabrovo Bus Station is very close to the Museum HOUSE OF HUMOR AND SATIRE.
The home of humor and satire is the right starting point for any tourist curious to discover for himself the rich historical, cultural and natural heritage on the territory of the smallest region in Bulgaria. This is where the architectural and ethnographic complex "Etar", the architectural and historical reserve "Bojentsi", the National Museum of Education, two nature parks, monasteries.

The black-tailed cat is not only an emblem of the town of Gabrovo, but also a guardian of the ancient traditions of the local well-meaning population, not to be wasteful and to see the saving as a "public norm". She is the "queen" of the Gabrovo carnival; in her honor, the House of Humor and Satire has sheltered two sculptures, which all visitors to the museum worship. The first cat, produced by the Bulgarian sculptor MIHAIL BENCHEV, was made in 1979 according to the Gabrovo principle "From nothing - something." Her body is sculpted from the cheapest durable materials at that time - 300 kg of nails and wire. tailed tail, because who would be a gabrovets would have lost his scissors for an iron tail! But if a man approached her, she whispered to her, she would surely fulfill it!

Her far younger relative is a generous donation for the 38th birthday of the House (2010) and the 150th anniversary of the town's announcement of Gabrovo. Surviving donors are Gabrovo sculptor and author of the work GEORGI BALABANOV and Dr. TODOR SHANDUKKOV - two local patriots who firmly believe in the immortality of local traditions. And since this cat is the product of the new economic conditions, "is the pleasant ringing of the coin, happy to multiply mankind?" You will not risk omitting that, are you?
These mirrors can only make you laugh - to tears! This is how young and old laugh. They did not come to the threshold of the museum, they asked, "Where are the curved mirrors?"
A curved mirrors The House of Humor and Satire offers three separate floors. Why people are fond of delight in their own distorted image is a matter to which you have to answer yourself. Do you need a portion of healthy laughter? Curved mirrors in the House of Humor and Satire await you at any time of the year.

Laughter and health!
An eclectic exhibition of eternal relationships between man and woman, focusing on 8 gorgeous tapestries designed by the Bulgarian artist and illustrator of the book Gabrovo anecdotes BORIS DIMOVSKI. The subject is "If Adam and Eve were purebred Gabrots." Funny scenes from the Garden of Eden recreate Gabrovo's way of thinking and living.

Where best to learn to use the gifts of Paradise if not here in Gabrovo. Do not miss the chance to take a photo of the paradise! Adam and Eve are waiting for you!

Quoting the words of Prof. Dr. Arch. Iva Ljubenova, "The bell helps the man to radiate his joy, to cry the grief, to survive the disaster, to enter into the mystery of the universe. To fight, to love, to live and to die with dignity. On the Bulgarian lands, bell bells were known before the new era. "

By hitting the chanels, the House of Humor and Satire offers its visitors the chance to experience the purifying and spellbinding power of the bell ring, to turn the evil back and to fill up with positive energy, hope and faith in the future.
The construction of the Park of Laughter is an indispensable part of the complex development of the HOUSE OF HUMOR AND SATIRE, enshrined in the Statute of the Institution as early as 1980. The first sculpture - "Hid Peter", carved by Prof. Georgi Chapkunov - was installed in 1981 during the 5th International Biennale of Cartoon and Satirical Sculpture. Contributions to the building of the Park of Laughter are the famous Bulgarian artists: Prof. GEORGI CHAPKANOV, IVAN BOGDANOV, Prof. PAVEL KOYCHEV, Prof. GREDI ASSA, NEDKO SOLAKOV, Prof. VIHRONI POPPEDELV, Prof. ANDREY DANIEL, BOZHIDAR BOYADZHIEV and PHILIP ZIDAROV.


Museum HOUSE OF HUMOR AND SATIRE. All rights reserved!
At the heart of today's carnival of humor in Gabrovo are the old traditional holidays - Gabrovo Oleleinja and the masked balls from the 20s of the 20th century. This unique carnival brings the city to the big family of carnival towns - members of the European Carnival Cities Foundation (FEKG). Every year in May the carnival procession attracts thousands of guests and participants from the country and abroad. The famous Gabrovo cat ritually separates with his tail and leads the cheerful, noisy and colorful columns of the masked streets of the city.

Come and see you with mood and mask on May 18, 2019 when the theme of the carnival will be "Masks Up!"

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