And you take it where you get old by Ann Wood

... And you take it where you get big ...
How do tabs begin?
First of all, the beast leaves one day
his foot falls and then both
brown eyes - glasses turn out,
sewn with horses.
There is no one to listen to your secrets,
there is no one in the darkness beside you to be clothed.
First you start the bear and you learn with your nose
how much money to forgive for the first time.
But you are still an elf, you are still innocent
and dreaming in the honey of an apiary ...
Then the grandmother who set up the tulips
and they were driving in fairy tales with a colorful carriage
suddenly alone-alone is blossoming lea -
sleeping in the tulips - tiny, quiet and stopped
in the carriage, a blue path chosen ...
In this fairy tale grandmother will not take you -
kick with your leg and be angry with all the big ones!
And with your fists short you will break the wardrobe -
two headscarves, guesswork - is that "Goodbye"?
On the bread, a candle, flashes lightly
and you point - an asterisk has become a grandmother.
How will it become a star, without even waving !?
You learn that "Goodbye" is stuck in the stomach ....
Then some friend, yes, it passes you -
for a few pennies plus Mahlen glory ...
And in minutes that snow is in your veins
the corpse, the corpse, overwhelms a hundred games shared ...
Two fireflies in the eye - faded lights,
rolling in the darkness, which dense,
stops the smooth summer, your heat stops.
And with hammers ringing - hammer hammer! - the pulse crashes
one hundred nail vitiligo in the blood faithful -
it is already nailed - it does not bubble but smells ...
You learn - far away your childhood lives.
And you take it where you get big.
And then - then, love transmits you.
It is so, imperceptibly, it is not concrete -
solve problems, but do not cry on movies,
you walk valiantly in the dark, but you do not wait for elves,
Santa Claus, oh - this old man is lying,
through the chimney back cool smoke goes -
you learn: the dream with a basket of money is bought,
and the dream of the bee ... Let another dream it!
Then - you have a smile, but no laughter.
Then - you have a blanket, but it's not enough for two.
Then - slow camels - the Sundays are disturbed
in heavy cams hid the weight of the tabs.
And so you are deserted - with sparse bees ...
And so you grew up almost gone.
How do tabs begin? First the bear ...
And after him, invisibly, the child goes.
And then ... Then, let her get stuck
a secret kid, a patient man?
Under the spoon whispered and flickered with freckles -
It was kind of tickle somewhere! Oh, it was somehow
and somewhere awaits you obediently, but in a dream
instead of Winnie, it comes to cuddle you.
And in the dream, instead of a grandmother, she rides you in a carriage
to the meadow with elves, azure and tulips ...
Search, find it -
after the last search
you learn: the tabs end with finding.

Poetry by antoniya katelieva-wood The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 213 times
Written on 2019-04-07 at 10:48

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