Easter, the Resurrection of Christ research by Ann Wood

Easter, the Resurrection of Christ
For the Bulgarians, the holiday coincides with ancient pagan notions about the rising nature, its rising vitality, its incomprehensible power. On Wednesday, the mother painted three eggs, which early on Thursday leaves the first sun on the red cloth in the screen. One of them coats the children's cheeks - white and red - and puts it in front of the icon. The second egg is worn in wheat fields or vineyards - to protect against diseases, the third to be left for Easter. He goes to the mountain for a geranium, and the children hand out his wrists to the houses. The eggs are dyed, usually on a good Thursday, maybe on a Saturday. Eggs are eaten at Spasovden - 40 days after the Resurrection. The eggs are dyed early in the morning. Porter says that whoever dries the eggs must eat something before the egg does not hit him, not to get sick or to be unhappy. Traditionally, a red egg is put in the cheesy girl - for happiness and luck in marriage. On Thursday, an egg for each member of the family is left in the church. It is believed that on the Great Thursday the sky opens, "hell and heaven are opened." On Easter Friday is Christ crucified, so it is considered the heaviest day of the year and is called Good Friday. Friday is a day of rethinking, of spiritual purification, of striving for more kindness and morality. On this day, the strictest post is observed. Go to a church where Christ symbolically buries. Allow gifts of the Crucifixion. On departure, everyone takes a flower in their home - for health and life. On Easter Saturday, preparations are made for the holiday. The house is cleaned. Messi is a Easter breakfast with a red egg in the middle. Mix small cakes that go with the godparents and mother-in-law. On Saturday, kozunacsi are also kissed. Car a lamb and fill with rice and trifles and bake. Easter is celebrated for three days. After a church, everyone returns with a candle lit home, greeting them with "Christ Viscore". The answer is "Vaistina Wonder". Ends the Great Easter Post. People with eggs fuck for health. Especially happy for children. The Bulgarians believed that by the egg left before the icon, the next year is guessing. If the egg is full and does not smell, the year that comes will be good. If it is empty and smells bad, a tough year is expected.
The table
At Easter, the table in every home should be rich. Place ritual bread. The dishes are banitsa, mozzici, hen with onion, baked sausage, lamb roast meat, etc.

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