Writing poetry belongs to YOU and ME - US - poetry is US!
Belong to poetry!
In always that is good we read and feed our poetry minds
From each other
We are inspiring are inspired by reading each others works
By being read
Some stumble on our works - by chance
Read our works - and they find just what they need
Maybe a laugh - maybe - wording just what are in need of
WE writers may never know just know what affect that we are having!
Just know we poets - MATTER - to such browsers!
Has we do to each have others - we are - are poets-writers - a happy band!
A happy band of brothers-sisters - in words that matter - people - who matter!

Ken D Williams

The Dyslexic Wordsmith Of Thanet

Poetry by ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-05-11 at 11:06

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