Celebrating the fact that I was born on this day 25 years ago. Here's an overtly dark, mushy, and Plath-like poem from 2016. Reposting after some minor tweaks. 

Birthday 2016


I sit lopsided in an invisible cage,

watching the wrought iron bars

reduce me in fractals.


My precious black brain—

once a veritable chamber of epiphanies,

now blank as pages of dust in a dark room—

floats in the cerebral water of ennui.


Like a twisted handrail,

my face bleeds a broken smile,

my eyes tell an old lie.


There’s murmur—

a soft susurration of sounds—

in bogus tongues.


It’s been a month of melancholia

in this House of Unhappiness.


Like lampshade of memory,

the past lifts up its Cro-Magnon Skull

and stares at me

with a hustle of fireflies.


All day I observe

the impalpable sky,

the ever-stretching void,

the absolute nothingness,

and hum the sweet song of Death—

an ethereal melody—

like a swarm of cicadas.



Bibek Adhikari

Poetry by Bibek
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Written on 2019-05-13 at 14:07

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Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
Happy birthday, Bibek.