Percival Lowell--"Percy" of line 3--was the dashing American gentleman-astronomer remembered not only for believing in intelligent beings on Mars, but also for founding an observatory from which to observe them...

Getting High (Plutonic Sonnets 124)

m glad ’twas not the use of psychotropics
That A. E. Douglass urged; instead, his letter
To Percy was concerned with telescopics,
To wit: “The higher we can get the better.”
Where Beale’s men in 1855,
To fly the flag, had stripped a stately pine,
A town on the plateau was all athrive,
And Douglass found the “seeing” truly fine.
(But by the year of 1958,
The town along Route 66 was fighting
What no stargazing site could tolerate:
The light pollution caused by outdoor lighting.
As of Tiresias we may remark:
Deep things are seen most clearly in the dark.)

(Courtesy of America Star Books)

Sonnet by Rob Graber
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Written on 2019-06-10 at 17:34

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Love the closing couplet!

I'll have to research more on Percival Lowell. The way you combine science with poetry is really interesting. Again, the form is the one I cherish so much.