Night Time is for Dreaming.

Night Time

When the sun disappears over the horizon and the night is ever so nigh.

You visit me.

I can feel your hand in mine, I know not how, for I have never met you.

And yet I know you.

I sense the soft puffs of your breath, as you whisper in my ear.

But, I nave never met you.

I feel your heart quicken, as I lay across your breast.

Still I have never met you.

And yet I know you.

We are invisible, you and I, known only to each other.

Night time is for dreaming.

I need not meet, for you are part of me, I have known the essence of you.

All of my life..

Poetry by Victoria Pearson
Read 428 times
Written on 2006-06-15 at 04:44

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Zoya Zaidi
Sweet dreams to you Victoria,
I hope they never leave thee!

Love,xxx, Zoya