i live the dream of love

Residing In The Dream

While Iím living in my dream,
others are praying so their dreams will come true.

Lucky me, I live the dream of my life,
the dream of finding a real girl,
to love me for real, to realize my dreams,
only realize them to be real. I thank God for realizing this one dream, and I know he will realize much more throughout my life and my angelís.
I live in your heart,
as you live in mine.
I cherish your feelings,
so they will never get hurt.
I have realized your heartís dreams,
as you have realized mines.
I know that we will realize each
otherís dreams as long as we are together.

"ONE can realize dreams from the heart, but TWO can realize dreams toghether" -Love Knight

Poetry by Love Knight
Read 478 times
Written on 2006-06-29 at 08:14

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