today's dream can be the same as the future's dream


Today, I hold you tight.
I donít ever want to let go.
I never want to let you walk into the places that consume darkness.
I never want this night to end.
As long as we stay in love the dream of our love will forever burn deep within our hearts.
I see your eyes, they are telling me that you never want to leave my side.
Look into my eyes, what do they say?
I believe that my heart wants to love you forever.
That it never wants to let you go.
That it never dreams of leaving you behind.
You stay in front of my presence.
My dream evades your dreams.
Our dream invades love.
We overrule the scene of love.
The present knows it never wants to end.
Just let this love unfold forever it will glow and sway in the breeze.

Poetry by Love Knight
Read 507 times
Written on 2006-07-12 at 05:05

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haseen whel
KeEp BeLiEvInG!!! kissess